Monday, May 18, 2009


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Tomorrow, Queen Teen and I go to Disneyland. We're meeting my dear friend Tama and her youngest daughter Boo Bug and then driving together to LA where we will explore all that is Disneyland. Cinderella is a top priority.

This is Queen Teen's first trip to the "happiest place on Earth." I haven't been since high school, and most of my memories are about making out with my then boyfriend. We're not a very Disney family. I have friends who are total Disney devotees, but I've always been a bit blase about Mickey Mouse and his friends. Disney. Whatever. I like Pixar better.

Queen Teen hasn't shown much interest either, except for Cinderella, and her aversion to amusement parks and loud crowds didn't inspire me to attempt a very expensive trip to a place she'd hate. But last summer she began asking me about Disneyland. What is it? Where is it? Do they really have Cinderella there?

My daughter loves Cinderella the way some girls her age worship Hannah Montana.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to take the plunge. I set aside some of my student loan and started making plans. When I told Queen Teen we were going she almost fell over. She laughed and clapped her hands and shouted "Disneyland!"

Happily, my friend agreed to come with me. There was no way I could take Queen Teen to Disneyland by myself and Rick REALLY didn't want to go. He would if he had to, but he didn't relish an all things Princess day at Disneyland. Somehow I can't really see him there. Instead it will be us four girls embracing our inner Princesses on a quest to meet Cinderella.

I am so excited!

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