Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Queen Teen is a crafty girl. She loves scrapbooking and drawing, collage, photography, and anything else she can make with a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue. She is in heaven this time of year because Christmas is just an excuse to make decorations and dress up the house.

First, we set up her village.

Every year, Grandpa Bear (my dad) gives her something new for her village, one year a house, another year a figurine. Last year he gave her a figure of a sled and horse (you can see it in the picture). She also inhereted two porcelain houses from her Great-Grandmother.

Queen Teen sings Christmas carols while playing with and rearranging the little people who live inside her magic village.

Even though her grandpa gives her something new every year, her village isn't too big because the heads and arms of the villagers tend to come off from all the playing. Queen Teen needs to hold and touch each item, so this village is for exploring, not just for looks.

After setting up her village, we decorated the tree.

And then later in the week, Queen Teen made a new wreath for our door.

Can you tell she likes butterflies?

She decorated our Christmas stockings with new paper stickers and drew pictures for her dad and Laurie Berkner as gifts.

Her craft-fever has slowed and since we've run out of wall space and room on the tree, she's decided to take a break from making things and start making room in her bedroom for all the new toys she's getting for Christmas. I will go out and buy more tape and glue, because by next week, she'll be itching to make something again.

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