Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Photos

I finally have a chance to upload a few photos to go with the post about Queen Teen's Christmas.

On Christmas Morning, Bourre (our dog) helped Queen Teen find her Santa Claus goodies.

There was even a Santa suit for Queen Teen's favorite doll, Bessie Baby.

Bourre checked to make sure we didn't miss anything.

Once Bourre got her own gift (a new bone) she settled down to gnaw away while watching us open the rest of the gifts from family and friends.

There was a new dress for Abby (the American Girl doll)...

...and new clothes for Queen Teen, including a lovely new hat and scarf.

But the best gift came from Rick; a Disney Princess playset.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and that the spirit of this season lasts throughout 2009.

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