Monday, May 11, 2009

The Original Five Things I Love About Being a Mom

I found the originator of the Motherhood Meme.

Check out Her Bad Mother for the post that explains it all, as well as to read a new, funny mama blog.

This was my first meme, and I really loved the idea that all us Mama's are connected through our devotion to our children and our love of blogging.

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Slept in, got my traditional, once a year breakfast in bed, went for a long walk with my hubby, daughter and dog, then went to a play that afternoon (saw Agatha Christie's Mouse Trap at the Ukiah Player's Theatre. Great acting and the set was amazing, especially when you consider this is a small, local theatre with a microscopic budget).

I hope all you Mama's had a lovely weekend too, regardless of whether or not you live where there is an "official" Mother's Day. Every day is a day to acknowledge the work and devotion of motherhood everywhere!

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