Monday, December 7, 2009

The Dickens Fair

After school Saturday, I got to stay in San Francisco on Sunday to attend the Dickens Fair at the Cow Palace. I used to work at the Renaissance Faire and many of my friends from there now work at Dickens, so it was wonderful to see everyone. My dear friend Tama even made it that day so she and I spent several hours wandering the fair together after our other close friends had to go back to work as Can-Can dancers, barmaids, and the sister of Charles Dickens. Watching them perform made me wish I could stand beside them in a bright, Victorian dress and and join in the song, but life got too complicated and I live too far away to work at the faire anymore. Happily, I still have my friends who are as close to me as family. Whether I work faire or not, the bonds are strong.

Queen Teen came with me two years ago and enjoyed the beautiful costumes, but the noise was a bit much for her. This year I decided to go on my own and have a little mommy-break.

If you live anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, give yourself a treat and go to the Dickens Fair. $22.00 buys you five stages of shows, street performers straight out of A Christmas Carol, Fezziwig's beautiful ballroom to try your hand at waltzing, delicious food, music and wares you won't find anywhere else. You'll leave filled with the Christmas spirit.

And if you see a Dollymop, or a Sailor, tell them Terena said hi.


leah said...

What a cool experience! I wish we had something like that in our area. We have a lot of speakers at the Chautauqua Institute, but we don't have anything like the Dickens Fair!

Jenny said...

Oh, I've always wanted to go to the Dickens Faire. Maybe this is the year :)

therextras said...

They hold a Dickens Fair every year in Galveston, but I don't know what they have done since Hurricane Ike. (Devastated the island)

We LOVE the Ren Fest near Houston - go every year.