Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I knew I was going to be busy with school!

(Image by Randy Glasbergen )

Wow. The last time I updated my blog was Feb. 17th, and now it's March. What happened? School work, house work, child care, and publishing have dominated every ounce of time I have, leaving absolutely zero for anything remotely creative, including writing. Yes, publishing is creative, but I'm in the marketing/networking phase, which is focused on finding your target audience and making sure they know about the book; not the time for imagining scenes and inventing characters. Sometimes I look at my journal and my almost completed play, my novel longing to be written and my memoir in need of revision, and I ache for just one hour to lose myself in a story of my own devising.

Not today. Today I have to finish my intersection analysis, read 100 pages for my classes and start working on my exit report. Writing will have to wait until Summer.

And now Queen Teen is sick, so even homework is tricky to get to. She's had a cold for over a week, was finally getting better, and now it looks like she caught the flu. Poor thing. A double whammy of sickness. She lying in her bed trying to rest with a 100 degree temp and a nose so stuffed up she can't even blow it properly; just wipe and whimper because it's so sore. There is a mountain of used tissues and books around her right her now.

School is tricky, but I love it. I never did make it across the street under blindfold. Instead I'm wearing a low vision simulator (old glasses frames wrapped in cheesecloth to obscure my vision) at street crossings because there isn't enough time in the class for me to train my hearing to differentiate sounds. Good thing I'm not graded on being the cane traveler because I would flunk the class. Instead, I'm graded on my ability to teach and so far I'm getting an A. Yes!

What am I doing on this blog!? I need to get back to my homework while Queen Teen is distracted by books for a bit. I just wanted to say hello, check in with my blog community and pals, and stretch my writing muscles for a few minutes. If you don't use them, they get weak, just like any part of your brain.

Sorry I haven't had time to stop by your own blogs. I miss hearing the news. School won't last forever and I know I'm investing my time into my future right now. My hubby and I have been discussing what we'll do when I have a job, and it feels amazing to plan for the future instead of dreading it.  Time well spent, I say.

Well, back to work. Take care everyone.


leah said...

Good luck with school- I can't imagine getting all the homework and studying done while taking care of Queen Teen and the house, etc. I admire you!!!

And I hope Queen Teen gets well soon. This has been a very bad year for viruses!

TheRextras said...

Hello, back! Nice exercise session. Sometimes I wish I had better writing skills, or an editor. Sigh.

Get well wishes to Queen Teen.

Michele said...

Oh wow, sounds like you've got your hands full.
I don't know how you do it! Seriously ;)

Here's hoping that Queen Teen starts feeling better and back to her amazing self in no time!!