Friday, June 3, 2011

When it won't stop raining, make your own sun

...and then tape it to your ceiling.

(The sun is on 3' x 3' butcher paper, created by Queen Teen and her mom, and now hangs proudly on the kitchen ceiling. It's a good thing to dance under)


David said...

Well there is bugger-all else to dance under! Friday night and it is pouring with rain again here in San Francisco. If only I had some butcher's paper I'd make one! Will have to settle for a bottle of wine instead - again! The compromises I have to make. Keep on dancing you two!

Terena said...

I think I'm more impressed with it than she. She just looks at it, smirks, then sighs. Raining even harder today.

too bad she doesn't like wine. ;-)

Ricardo Miñana said...

Simpático post, un grato placer pasar a leerte.
que tengas un feliz fin de semana.

leah said...

We had an unending winter here, so I feel your pain! I honestly thought about getting one of those UV visors that Alaskans wear, lol!

Fortunately, our sun has come out and it has been gorgeous - though I shouldn't say that too loud or the snow will start flying again!