Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A great big, epic gravity check.

Tuesday morning at 7:45 the phone rang. "Hi, this is Queen Teen's teacher. I wanted to let you know that she fell. She seems okay, just embarrassed. We didn't see it happen so I'm not sure how she fell, but the other students told us and when we got to her she was sitting on the floor. It looks like the brakes on her walker stopped working. Can you fix them?"

"She's okay?" I asked.

Her teacher said she looked fine, just shaken up, so I told her I would be there with tools to fix the walker after my hair appointment.

But when I got to school an hour later, Queen Teen was definitely NOT okay. She was sitting at her desk with an ice pack on her right hand and the school nurse by her side. QT's hand was swollen and black and blue. Did she break it? I felt like the worst mom on the planet because I'd chosen to get my hair done rather then rush to my daughter's aid. But they told me she was okay!

I took her to the ER where we sat for three hours, got some x-rays, and were told it was a bad sprain. They wrapped it up and told me to take her to her primary doctor the following day. Really, a bad sprain? Should it be so swollen if it's just a bad sprain?

Her primary doctor wasn't so sure. "Queen Teen may have broken a tiny bone in her wrist. It's hard to tell right now, but this area is very tender." She explained that there's a small bone in the wrist that is prone to breaking when people fall on their hand, which is probably what Queen Teen did. It can be hard to see at first in an x-ray unless you're really looking for it. She told us to get another x-ray next week and come back to see her after Thanksgiving. Then she put a wrist splint on Queen Teen's hand and told her to take it easy.

Take it easy? Easier said than done. This morning at 5 AM I was woken by my daughter yelling, "WHOA!" Leaping out of bed I dashed to her room and found her trying to walk across her room without her walker, in the dark, with only one hand to catch herself. She can't use her walker because she can't put any weight on her wrist, so Queen Teen figures she'll just walk on her own anyway.

Isn't this the same girl who hurt her hand and wrist because she was trying to get her backpack off her wheelchair on her own, but when it got stuck she jerked it and then lost her balance (she finally admitted that was how she fell)? Isn't she the same girl who spent THREE HOURS in the ER yesterday?

Yes, this is the same girl. My stubborn, tenacious, independent daughter who seems to think the laws of gravity do not apply to her.

This is why I have gray hair, bags under my eyes, permanent knots in my shoulders and pain in my stomach.

Maybe it was all those times she fell learning to walk and we'd just call it a "gravity check," which made her laugh and get back up again. When she was three she weighed 25 pounds and the ground was only three feet away from her head. At sixteen she weighs 95 pounds and the ground is five feet from her head. Gravity hurts a lot more now.

Thank goodness for "Sponge Bob" and Starbucks Vanilla Cream Frappuccinos; we might survive the next few days.


leah said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad she is recovering, but the school should have mentioned that she was injured in the fall! Nolan whacked his head on a door at school and the nurse called me, and explained every injury (or lack thereof) - I was so thankful for that! I hope QT's hand heals quickly so she can use the walker again!

tama said...

FOUL! you should NOT feel guilty for not running right over to pick up a child YOU were told wasn't hurt! I know you, hon: You're a Top Ten Bestest Mom Evah.

And, enormous hugs to Her Majesty. I'm so sorry - that sucks, both from the "it HURTS!" standpoint, and the "plus also now I hafta see MORE STINKY DOCTORS" one.

(And a big one for you too. Poor if it isn't bad enough the way we all but feel their pain literally, now we are adding guilt plus even more constant attention, affection and assistance for you. Hang in there!"

Terena said...

Thank you. To be fair, the school thought she was okay when they called me. It was later that her hand began to swell. And they knew I was coming, so they didn't call me again. After my initial panic and anger that she was more hurt than they said, I'm not upset at them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ice and elevation!

Oh, no! The swelling can cause long term problems if it does not go down eventually.

Consider pushing for an ortho referral.

Sending painfree and low risk-taking thoughts to Queen Teen.