Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Gift from My Teen

Yesterday was my writing group and with my hubby out of town I wasn't sure I could go. Then I decided to take Queen Teen with me, loading up coloring books and crayons and telling her "it will be fun."

She scowled at me but got her shoes on and then said, "Maybe it will be fun."

Maybe is as good as a yes in Queen Teen talk.

We met the other's at the restaurant where Queen Teen smiled and responded to questions about school, then colored in her new Mermaid book until the food came. I talked to my friends and discussed writing and books for two hours while helping Queen Teen find a color, turn a page, hold her lemonade, and eat her meal. Rather than declaring she was bored after twenty minutes as I expected, Queen Teen remained cheerful and friendly. "This is fun," she said while twirling the little paper umbrellas that came with her lemonade.

Simply by sitting beside me in a restaurant with my writing-friends and coloring, she gave me a present: time to be creative. Her actions showed me she understands how much writing means to me. Often when I pick her up from school my lap top will be in the car and she'll see it and say, "You must have been working." Working equals writing.

It's funny... sometimes Queen Teen can be obstinate and moody, making me want to kick the wall in frustration. Just as often though, she can be compassionate and kind. We have fun together, laughing at jokes we make up or discussing why our dog Bourre snores. Her sense of humor is quick, and so is her temper.

There was a time not so long ago when she would've fought me about leaving the house for dinner at a restaurant because she didn't like having her routine disturbed. Now she's eager to try new things and see new places. Her world is opening up, little by little, and she's starting to understand she actually isn't the center of it.

Thank you Queen Teen for letting me be your Mommy AND a writer.

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