Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Root and Sprout

Last week, I posted about the odd mix of guilt and joy I feel every time the first day of school arrives. While pondering that fact, I stumbled upon Root and Sprout, an on-line parenting magazine and saw that their deadline for the September issue was the end of the week. So I decided to go for it. I frantically wrote a 500 word essay, sent it in the following day, and it was accepted! Called "It's Back to School Time. Why am I so Happy?" it is about the glee and guilt we parents feel when we toss our children out of the car on their butts in the school parking lot lovingly send our little darlings to school. Look for it in the Grow Through Laughter section of the zine.

You'll also find articles about marriage (Dating Your Spouse: How to Reclaim Your Marriage, by Teresa Hirst), volunteering at your child's school (No Time to Volunteer? by John Boynton) and being a special needs student (Dear Mom and Dad: What It’s Like to Be A Child with Special Needs, by Kirk Martin).

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