Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's so nice when children share...

...unless it's the flu.

Yep. I caught it. And I must say this is the mother of all flues. I haven't been this sick since 2002. I haven't had much energy to do more than lie on the couch and watch old movies all day: Libeled Lady, The Thin Man (all five of them), The Women, Clash by Night, Philadelphia Story, How to Catch a Millionaire... in between helping Queen Teen and trying to keep on top of laundry so we don't run out of clean undies.

Queen Teen is well and went back to school yesterday. Thank goodness. That now gives me from 7 am to 2 pm to watch another movie and blow my nose.

I'm tired of being sick.

I'll write more in a few days when I can coherently produce sentences. I want to tell you all about my book launch! Yep, I wrote a book and published it through my press. It's a handbook that explains how to create your own publishing company. The book launched last week in the midst of Queen Teen being so sick. Once the adrenaline of the official launch wore off, I had a 102 temperature. It's exactly like when I was an actress and would work like a dog during a play, then the moment the curtain fell on the last performance, WHAM! Every one of us would be sick.

My book is available on Amazon and Powells you're curious.

Gotta go. I feel the need for another 1930's movie.


Kelley said...

The flu bites.


The only time that you look as bad as you feel.

Princess Abigail said...

Oh dear ... feeling under the weather is horrible. Are you as bad a patient as me? I'm such a martyr when I'm ill, determined to make sure the whole world feels sorry for me!
Well, here's lots of positive vibes coming your way from the Bernard Bunch to make you better!