Friday, July 31, 2009

Social Security Interview

Ahhhh... Summer Vacation. A time to rest, relax, spend time with family... and go to Social Security for an interview.

Seeing as you have nothing better to do, how about you come on down to the Social Security office for a couple of hours and prove that your child is still disabled and that you're not hiding any assets from us.

This is not a request.

They sent the letter FIVE DAYS before the scheduled interview, giving me just enough time to go through all of my files to find EVERY PAY STUB SINCE 2007. Yep, you heard me. 2007. And my tax returns. And my most current bank statement. And proof of Child Support payments from my ex. And proof of financial aid for school. And anything else they may decide they really want but forgot to tell me to bring.

Every year, I get a 'request' to go to Social Security to discuss how I spend Queen Teen's benefits and to explain how we survive on so little money.

Let's see... I buy clothes at Goodwill and food from Grocery Outlet. That explain it?

Luckily, my case worker is probably the most reasonable guy in our local office. He doesn't treat me like a criminal hiding assets from the feds. And on one occasional he actually found a mistake THEY made and straightened it out. From the letter, it looks like he'll be interviewing me again. Thank goodness.

It's the principle of the thing that makes me so mad. Why does every social service agency treat the people who need their services like we're stealing from tax payers? Believe me, if my daughter didn't need these services, I would not be on my knees in your office begging for help.

And to those wankers who really do steal from tax payers by lying about their needs?


Wish me.


Mother of Chaos said...

I suspect it's because so many people ARE stealing from the system (or trying to, anyway). Like the mom who claims four children who don't freakin' live with her, and never have; or the guy who gets about 65% of his money under the table and then plays the "ooooh, I'm a poor guy can't never get no breaks!" song when social services come around...remember the neighbor of mine back at Village of the Damned who grabbed her sister's newborn, trotted down to the social security office, claimed she gave birth at home and added a few hundred bucks to her monthly check? THOSE are the people that get the social services workers all cynical and skeptical and 'prove YOU'RE not a thief!' in their daily work. Once they've been had a time or two, they develop an expectation that EVERYBODY is up to no good.

All of which is to say, it isn't personal. They think EVERYBODY is guilty until proven otherwise. (Gee, thanks, Tama, that makes me feel ALL BETTER about it...)

Good luck with the interview...may the farce be with you...

mommytoalot said... really have to do that?
That's insane. I'm not sure how our system works..because we've been putting off applying for ODSP for D.
But i do have to go in front of a panel of so called experts every year.and fight for the treatment rate we recieve for Joey.