Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Friends

While Queen Teen and I were enjoying a day in San Francisco on Tuesday (Aug 4th), some good friends of ours drove in to the city to see us. Queen Teen hasn't seen Sandy in 6 years, far too long, especially since Sandy is her Godmother. Time got away from us and we live too far away from one another to pop in and say hi.

We met at the Starbucks on Irving. I gave the FM device to Sandy and the two of them chatted while Sandy made Queen Teen a beaded bracelet. Then we all walked over to Golden Gate park and wandered the arboretum. It was one of those rare, warm and sunny San Francisco days, with not much wind and zero fog. We caught up on the news while looking at the flowers and unusual plants in the garden. Queen Teen liked exploring and at one point reached out to touch the soft baby's tears that were growing along a stone wall.

After a few hours, Sandy and her family had to leave, so Queen Teen and I drove to West Portal to meet another dear friend, Barbara, who was just getting off work. I stayed with Barbara in the city for part of the time I was taking my summer classes, but she hasn't seen Queen Teen in several years. We grabbed a late lunch and then strolled around the neighborhood, popping into Goodwill to check out the sale. The West Portal Goodwill is where rich people cast off the outfits they've worn once or twice, so you can find some great deals on designer clothing there (dang! why did I say that? now everyone will go there). Then we drove Barbara home and met her new kitty. Queen Teen is allergic so wouldn't touch the cat.

We returned to our friend's house in South San Fran for the night. They have a daughter, a precocious and adorable 22 month old girl who repeats everything you say whole showing you her toys. Queen Teen was enamored and the two girls spent a lot of time staring at each other.

I wish that circumstances had been different and that we had been able to stay in the Bay Area, but the cost of living made it impossible. So we moved north when Queen Teen was two, leaving behind a large group of friends and their kids who I think of as my nieces and nephews. I wish we could have kept performing at Renaissance Fairs and playing at the Dickens Fair, attended events and parties. We are a part of a large network of performers and friends who are more like a family than just pals. But when we moved we had to leave all of that behind. Queen Teen has grown up separated from these people who love her, and I regret that.

We'll just have to come to the City more often to say hello.

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