Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Good News... Queen Teen is back in school

The bad news... the alarm goes off at 5:30 am. So I've traded sleep for free-time.

Queen Teen was so excited about school starting she sang all day long on Sunday. Then on Monday she practically popped out of bed (I did the opposite. Dang I wish I still drank coffee). She wore the new dress she bought on our shopping trip to Santa Rosa and bright red leggings. Her bangs had been neatly trimmed by Nana and her black Mary Jane's were spotless. The bus arrived at 7:05 and once we sorted out a disagreement about the hat she was wearing (I voted for blue, she insisted on the green one she's been wearing all summer. She won), she happily hopped on board and with a grin waved goodbye.

I should have been allowed to go back to bed, or celebrate the fact I was finally getting a break after two months of 24/7 childcare, but nooooooooo. Remember when I had my interview with Social Security to prove Queen Teen still needed SSI? Well, on Friday I got a letter saying they were stopping her SSI payments, and in fact I OWED them money. SSI counted my school money as assets, so I got to spend my morning at Social Security straightening out a paperwork mess. Monday morning, I got dressed and drove to the Social Security Office where I handed the front desk person proof that I was in school and had received a student loan to do so. Now I wait to see how it all works out. I really hope they fix it soon because not only did she lose her financial benefits but she lost her medical care, too.

At 2:10 the bus brought Queen Teen home from school. She was tired, but smiled as she told me all about her new teacher (who I really like!) and the new students in her class. She was also excited about being an 8th grader this year, because "I'm a big kid so I can help the new kids 'cause I know where everything is."

At 8:00 pm she passed out and I was right behind her. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person?

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Mother of Chaos said...

GAH. I hate-hate-HATE this stuff. I'll be holding good thoughts on this...for heaven's sake, it's a student LOAN, people!