Sunday, November 29, 2009


My husband and I were excited to finally have a night out together. Between lack of childcare and me in school every Fri and Sat, date nights have become a rare treat. We receive respite from the Regional Center through a non-profit, but our workers have been overbooked and overworked. I called one of our regular workers to see if she was free this week and she agreed to come this Saturday at 4:30. Hooray! I don't have class AND Rick and I can have a date.

4:30 arrived. No sitter. I called our worker and got her at home.

"What time will you be here?" I asked.

"Today?" she said.

"Yes. Today. 4:30."

"Are you sure it's today?"

"Yes. I called earlier this week and you said this Saturday was fine."

"Let me check my calendar."

I heard her asking someone in the background to bring her a folder and when she finally got it she said, "Oh no, I wrote it in the wrong place. I'm so sorry."

"Okay. Well... goodbye."

Great! No date, no respite, no break from the week long 24/7 care-taking marathon.

When I told Queen Teen she grinned and said, "Really? You're not going out tonight?" She gave me a hug and giggled.

I'm glad one of us is happy.

But when I told my husband he was less than thrilled, and I have to admit I'm very disappointed. I adore my daughter, but the non-stop childcare gets exhausting. I need a break, a little time with my husband, adult conversation, and the chance to eat my dinner without needing to help Queen Teen with hers.


Looks like I need to find another respite worker.


leah said...

Seriously? The respite worker just flaked and that was that? Sheesh.

You seriously need a break- I hope you can find another respite worker soon- everyone needs "adult time!"

Elizabeth said...

Yes. I posted about this exact same thing on LA Moms Blog and my own.

Sigh. It's hard not to feel petulant, right?