Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Cow! What happened to October?

Is it really the 20th already? Last time I looked, it was October 9th. Since then I've been focused on my internship and my Master's Exam, studying like a fiend when I wasn't teaching visually impaired people, driving too many hours, or keeping up with Queen Teen. Plus, there was a Book Expo for my press in the middle of all that, and a book reading with two of my authors (check out my press blog Medusa's Muse for more on those events). So much happening, so much busy-ness, so much learning and growing and exploring that I'm feeling breathless. Really. I need to sit down and rest for a few days.

But no. No rest for the wicked, or crazy in my case. Although I did find a glimmer of sanity in all that chaos. Since my internship is going to take longer than anticipated and I won't graduate this semester, I postponed my Master's exam until Spring. Suddenly a huge weight disappeared from my chest, plus I had time to tackle that gigantic mountain of laundry in the hall, half blocking my bedroom door.

Alas, there was one casualty this month.

My house plants may never be the same.


TherExtras said...

It's what we call 'natural consequences'. Sorry about your plants - I love my houseplants.

But happy you have the opportunity to stretch-out the requirements before the exam. Why is it we think everything has to happen as fast as possible? Barbara

leah said...

I still can't imagine how you do everything! I feel like I'm running in a wild goose chase every day, and I don't work or go to school (just home with the kids). And I still kill my houseplants!

I hope you get some time to relax! I guess laryngomalacia (one of Nolan's current issues) is something that is almost always found in infancy (REALLY loud breathing), and almost always disappears before a child is two. There is a type associated with neuromuscular disorders that usually persists (this is the type that Nolan has). We don't know what Nolan's comprehensive diagnosis is, but we know he has some neurological issues (hyptonia, gait disturbance (but only when running), delayed gastric emptying etc). I suppose we'll figure it out as he gets older- or not! :-S

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Glad you found a way to lift a little weight from your shoulders.

Sometimes life is really heavy.