Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm turning into a computer geek

I blame it on my iPhone, the coolest most useful gadget I've ever known. And now that Queen Teen has an iPad I get to play with, I'm even more hooked.

For example, I downloaded this BlogPress ap today and can easily update my blog anywhere using my phone. Still not in love with typing on this little screen though, so now I'm considering buying a small bluetooth keyboard.

Further proof of my increasing geekiness, I went to MacWorld yesterday. Unfortunately, it was kind of a waste of time. I went looking for more info on the iPad and accessibility, but the class I attended was more about managing music and cool aps than real life usability. I spent several hours hunting the expo for ideas for people with disabilities and only found a few. Plus, now that Apple doesn't come to MacWorld anymore, the event is focused on aps and accessories for the iPad. They should just call it iPad world.

I'll write about some of what I found at MacWorld in my next post, and since I use my phone so much for business for my press, I plan to review the aps I use and discover on my press blog, Medusa's Muse.

Now, time to see if this blogging ap really works.

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Steph said...

If you're looking for accessibility options for the ipad I would check out and email Elizabeth at "a moon worn as if it had been a shell" or Rob at "Schulyers Monster"
Elizabeth has just been given an ipad for her daughter Sophie and Rob is very up on assistive technology for his daughter who uses an augmentative speech device.
Hope this helps

Terena said...

thank you, Steph. I follow both of those blogs and have found some good info. Queen Teen is deaf-blind, so it adds another layer of complexity. People have been so helpful with their suggestions, and I really appreciate it.