Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TED presentation from Julia Query.

Julia Query, a friend of mine, gave a presentation at a TED event in San Francisco about her experience as a mother of a child with a disability. Beautiful and moving, she really shows how it can sometimes feel when you're a parent of a "special" kid, especially in the beginning when everything is so raw and new.

The way she is able to get us to immediately feel what she feels is through the use of the word "retarded." The first time she used it, I admit, I squirmed. Why did she choose that word when it is so loaded with negativity? Don't turn her presentation off simply because she uses the word, though. Try to hear what she's trying to say, and you'll be impressed by the honesty found there. This is truly one of the best talks on parenting a child with disabilities I've ever heard.

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