Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 units in 5 weeks! Back in Grad School

Right now, I am typing on my friend's computer in San Francisco. I'm staying here for this week of school, which started again on Monday. Two graduate level courses in five weeks. I might be nuts, but at the moment I have to admit, I'm really enjoying this.

My friends are out of town on vacation so I have the house all to myself. Other than the low toned hum of cars on the street below my window, it is quiet. No one is calling "Mommy!" every ten minutes. There is no call from my hubby, "Honey, do you know where my(insert any item)is?" I can sit down with my text book and concentrate on what I'm reading. My body is quickly falling into its old college rhythm of staying up late doing homework, going to bed at 1 am, waking up at 9:00, and eating whatever I want. I went for a long walk in Golden Gate park before class do get my blood flowing after sitting for so long studying and I could hear myself think.

Who knew that cramming two classes into a short summer semester, which forced me to stay in San Fran all week, would be a good thing?

I shouldn't forget that it's only the first week. Next week my friends come back and I start couch surfing. Plus my workload will increase rapidly over the next couple of weeks. But for now, I'm enjoying this alone time with just me and my textbooks.

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