Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did she sign the IEP?

That would be a big N-O.

I finally got the last two reports two days before the last day of school and didn't have time to read them and comment before school ended, thus ending this round of the IEP process.

Queen Teen's IEP from last year will remain in effect until the new one is signed by me, which won't happen until school begins late August. She'll still go to Summer school and will still have PT and the Intervener and instruction from the teacher of the visually impaired. Not having a signed, current IEP isn't a disaster.

In the fall, the team and I will sit together once again, this time with a brand new Special Ed teacher, and hash out the details around the Intervener. How many hours should she be at school with Queen Teen? What are her specific duties? Who else is trained to fill in when the Intervener is unavailable? And what the heck is an Intervener, anyway?

One of my classes this Summer is about Special Education Law and Regulations, which includes how to write a legal IEP. That will definitely come in handy when Queen Teen's school starts again.


Connor's Mom said...

Hi-- found you on Deaf Village!

As for the IEP issue-- good for you! We also have a complex child with hearing, vision, and motor skill issues and recently went through an IEP battle ourselves. Our "negotiations" ended when we moved to another city. Sounds like they shouldn't have put a completely unfinished, disorganized document in front of you and expected you to sign it without all of the facts. Hopefully they'll be a little more put together when you meet with them again this fall.

I bet the class this summer will come in handy!


Terri said...

Thing one: Thumbs up for your assertive advocacy!

Thing two: Seriously, what is and intervener??

Mother of Chaos said...

I think they're just making that term up. Seriously.