Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You'll freeze your little butt off

Queen Teen chooses her own clothes to wear to school, as she should. A 14 year old girl knows what she wants, even if she won't tell you what it is. For the most part she has a good eye for fashion and color, and she refuses to wear anything too revealing. No hoochy-mama, MTV inspired outfits in her closet, thank goodness. I only have to step in occasionally, like when she tried to wear an orange t-shirt with purple polka dot pants. She wears a lot of interesting outfits, but that one I couldn't let her leave the house in.

I also step in when it comes to weather. One morning about three weeks ago, she insisted on wearing her Levi mini-skirt, even though it was 50 degrees that morning and wasn't expected to get warmer than 75. I told her to wear leggings which she could take off later in the afternoon, but she refused.

"Fine. But your little butt is going to freeze on those bus seats," I said.

She triumphantly got dressed and then walked out to the bus. When she sat down on that cold, plastic bus seat her eyes widened in surprise. Wrapping her arms around her, she tried to smile at me, but I knew she was freezing.

Told you!

This morning is even cooler and it's supposed to stay cool and cloudy all day. I saw the clothes she had picked out for herself (a blue top with glittery butterflies and a pair of checked shorts) and switched the shorts for a pair of jeans. When Queen Teen saw this, she was not pleased.

"I already picked out my clothes."

"I see, and they are very nice, but it's cold this morning and you need long pants."

"No I don't."

Refusing to take the bait, I said, "Open the front door and see for yourself."

She glanced out the window and saw the sun wasn't up yet, then stood. "Snap-snap" went the breaks on her walker as she released them and stomped out of her bedroom. I followed and helped her open the front door. Cold air rushed into the room, making us both shiver.

Queen Teen stood in that cold air for a moment, then she looked at me. "I need to wear long pants today."

"Good idea," I said.

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Terri said...

We are having the same conversations here!! This (cold) weekend capris and a tank top--til she saw that it was raining with her own eyes. LOL