Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dang! I messed up my blog

Hey everyone. I've been experimenting with blogger templates and trying to make my blog more "fancy," but instead all I've done is ruin what I had. I've lost all my favorites, the blogs and websites I love to read, plus my "friends" and "members," my photos and links, EVERYTHING. So if you wouldn't mind, please leave me a comment so I can find you again. Some of you I "follow," so that will help.

I did save my template before I started playing with the code, but when I tried to put it back it's all messed up. Sigh...

That's what I get for messing with something that looks "easy."

What templates do you like to use? I've seen a few of your sites that look really nice. Do you program yourself?


squeezindiva said...


Oh what a drag for you!

I much prefer Wordpress to Blogger I host it on our site but one can use their site as you do with your blogger account.

for your records and hopefully your blog roll:

Terri said...

So frustrating!!! I give you credit for giving it a try. Very bold!

leah said...

Oh, no! I changed the template to my blog once, but I'm afraid to do it again. I am too technically inept to attempt anything too fancy, lol!

I hope you get it all sorted out again soon!

Ashley's Mom said...

I get my templates from 'The Cutest Blog On the Block'. I think there is a button in the top left corner of my blog that will take you to their site.

I've found it very easy to use and they have good instructions. The only problem I have ever noticed is if you have code for Google Analytics on your blog, you will have to reapply that code.

The Google Analytics site has great instructions on how to do that also.

Princess Abigail said...

Oh you poor thing, i would be devastated if that happened to Abi's blog. Hope you are coping with the trauma of it all. I thought your blog looked fine as it was, but i fully understand the urge to mess around with things internetty ... as you say, "sigh...."

Anonymous said...

My sympathy as well. Mine isn't on blogger even tho' I have a profile on blogger. Technical difficulties try my usual calm nature - grrrr! If I could just get my videos embedded!


Kelley said...

blogger freaks me out. Wordpress is way easier for the clueless like me.

So you are already ahead of me.