Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nothing like a little Battlestar Galactica to make me forget my cold

As soon as I take a break, I get sick. Does that happen to anyone else? I can go on full speed for weeks, and then the moment I've accomplished all that work and tell myself it's okay to slow down and put up my feet, I catch a cold. When I was an actress, I remember performing for weeks, and then two days after the show would close I'd be bedridden with the flu. And I wasn't the only one; most of the cast would also be coughing up a lung. No, we weren't all snogging back stage. It seemed that as long as we stayed busy, our immune systems stayed strong, putting germs in deep storage until the day we slowed down and rested. Then, all those germs locked away were set free, our immune systems saying, "Now you have time to get sick."

It has to be a short period of activity, though. Long term stress will make me really sick, but short term stress appears to be good for my immune system. Have you experienced the same thing?

So instead of continuing the great New Year's purge, I'm watching classic Battlestar Galactica on Hulu, the 1978 version, which was my favorite show when I was 11. I was crazy about Captain Apollo, and I gotta admit, I still am. When other girls in the the 7th grade were hanging pictures of Leif Garrett and Scott Baio, my locker was covered with pictures of Richard Hatch.

I like the new Galactica (especially since Richard Hatch is in it), but the old, campy, late 70's version is still my favorite.

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Michele said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Same thing happens to me once I slow down ~ crazy.

But thank you soooo much for the flashback. The original BG rocked my world as well!!