Friday, December 3, 2010

Does keeping a list of blog topics mean I'm still blogging?

Here it is December and I still have two pumpkins on my front porch. November flew by so fast I barely remember what happened. I think there was a party of some type in there that involved lots of food. Or was that last year?

I've been jotting down topics for blog posts on a scrap of paper I leave by my bed in the futile hope I'll actually be able to write them. So far I have :

  • bras
  • skin care
  • "we could use some boys around here"
  • when fish try to commit suicide
  • more classic movie reviews
  • absinth
  • "I can't sleep and rest at the same time"
  • the bathtub opera
  • I think my hair is falling out
  • Why did I go to grad school?

When I actually have the time to sit and write some of these while I still remember them (why did I want to write about bras, though?), I'll be flooding my blog with enough posts to bore entertain you all. But today, I'll get back to studying for my certification exam, surviving my internship, ignoring spending time with my daughter, and now preparing for the holidays.

The holidays... there are a few more blog topics in there for sure.


Leslie said...

Personally I'd like to see that post on fish suicide ; ) and we can always use a good classic movie review...

leah said...

I hope you get a nice (and restful) break over Christmas! Sometimes life is so busy, a list is all anyone can manage!

I can't wait to see your posts- even the one on fish suicide. I wonder if they make fish prozac?

foxysue said...

Life is flying by all of us, we keep hanging in there and doing the best we can for that day, it's enough!

Other's see our heart and appreciate us, the way I appreciate your comment on my haiku post!

love Sue x

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Happy holidays, buddy. I think we're all feeling the same pressures. Life just keeps moving faster and faster, and most of us don't even have time to question it.



TherExtras said...

In answer to your title: yes. So long as you keep blogging I will keep coming back. Barbara