Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm gonna wash 2010 right out of my hair

The first monday after Christmas and 2011 is less than a week away. I cannot wait for 2010 to be done! I want to finish everything from this year that is still hanging over my head: three more chapters in the "Red Book" to study for my exam, several blog posts to prepare, sales and inventory to total up for Medusa's Muse, my overflowing pantry to organize, all of the laundry finally done, my house scrubbed until every drop of dust from 2010 has vanished.

None of this will happen of course. With my daughter home 24/7, I'll probably get one more chapter read before New Years, if I'm lucky. Plus, my washing machine broke two days before Christmas, so the laundry won't be finished. 2010's dirty socks will most likely still be lying on the hallway floor in 2011.

I always feel this way at New Years. Instead of feeling excitement for a new year, I feel relief the old one is over. Whew! I made it through another year! Then I plop on the couch, open the champagne, and mentally prepare myself for another frickin year.

New Years is not my best time. Some people get the blues at Christmas, I get depressed on New Years.

Today, I'm taking Queen Teen to Santa Rosa for a little post-Christmas shopping with her holiday money. Tomorrow I'll study Chapter 10 (Environmental Accessibility). Some time this week, I'll do a couple of loads of laundry at a friend's house and perhaps on Thursday visit my brother and his family. Queen Teen's best friend is her cousin. I'll do my best to wipe away 2010 and accept the fact that some of this year will still be there on Jan 1st. It always is. Like my gray hair and extra pounds.

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Anonymous said...

Oh.dear. Wishing I could do a load for you - sincerely! I'm very good at physical help. On the words-wise-kind-of-help, well, only you can decide if anything I leave is helpful. (Does the thought count?)

Environmental Accessibility is one of my favorite topics! There is a chapter on vision in that book (linked on my blog) Ergonomics for Children - try to get it from a library if you are interested - expensive tome.

Much worse things than some left-over laundry, I think.

You have lots of company for the gray hair and extra pounds. That is, you are not alone.

I know Queen Teen and Rick love you much. (Did you get the word that Rich proposed to Kit? Just a little gossip...)