Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A mobile life needs a mobile blog

It's Christmas break and I'm playing catch up. I recently saw that I can blog from my iPhone, so I'm giving it a go. Will this help me keep up with my blog? Probably not, because typing on my phone is no fun. But it will be nice to jot down thoughts and read all of my blog friends posts. Has anyone tried using mobile blogging? What do you think?

This is a test, a warm up, as I gather my thoughts and stretch my writing muscles. Looking forward to spending lots of time writing here again.


Mother of Chaos said...

Dude, I use my Treo ALL THE TIME. Otherwise, I probably would almost never post anything.

Anonymous said...

What my smart phone has been most useful for re: blogging is receiving email and publishing comments after email notif.

I read twitter more on the phone than other blogs. I really do most of my online stuff through a pc.