Monday, May 2, 2011

The conflicting emotions of this hippi chick celebrating Bin Laden's death

I know, I know... I'm not supposed to feel this way. I am supposed to be beyond blatantly celebrating the death of another human being. What is the point of all those hours reading Buddhist books about loving your enemy and even more hours meditating on compassion? I am against killing, against war, against our military fighting for the rights of corporations to control foreign governments. I fly the colors of peace and condemn all acts of aggression.

And yet here I am on this beautiful monday morning, celebrating the fact that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Happiness isn't the word. Elation is a better description. There are butterflies in my belly and my chest feels tingly. I want to run outside and high-five a stranger on the street and giggle madly at the vision of Bin Laden being shot in the head.

Where is this blood-thristy, vengeance seeking, kick-the-terrorists-in-the-nut-sack feeling coming from? It is so not me! Right? I'm not like this... am I?

Many of my friends condemn the celebrations over Bin Laden's death, saying we should not celebrate the death of anyone. Doing so puts us at the same level of Bin Laden and his followers. And they caution us about the retribution that will surely come now that every wanna-be terrorist and actual al-Qaeda operative will seek revenge for Bin Laden. Scenes of New Yorkers dancing joyfully in the streets, reminiscent of armed militias in Afghanistan celebrating when the Twin Towers fell,  only fuels the hatred and will lead to more bloodshed. I know they're right. I know that I should not revel in another human being's death, no matter how much I may think he deserved it.

But I'm sorry, I can't help it. I am so happy that SOB is dead I want to cry.

I am glad Osama Bin Laden is dead and I am glad we killed him. There, I said it. I'll probably lose some friends over that statement and a few of you will stop following my blog, but that is honestly how I feel. I know I "shouldn't" feel this way, instead I should reflect on his death and think of the people he harmed, in the hopes that they will find some measure of peace. But I can't. I'm happy he's gone. I have no intention of flying an American Flag and praising God for Bin Laden's death, but neither will I bury my emotions and pretend I don't feel the way I do. And I imagine there are a lot of people who call themselves progressive, peace-loving, liberals who feel exactly the same way.

Bin Laden brings out the worst in people, even in death.


bioniclissa said...

I'm glad he's totally dead but I am not convinced he actually is.

Terena said...

it is hard to believe; We've heard those rumors before. But I think this time is for real.

Leslie said...

i like the way you put this. it's honest. i feel the same way about hitler...