Sunday, May 8, 2011


We're going to Disneyland again!!!!! Hee hee hee hee hee!!!!!!!

I think I'm more excited than Queen Teen, and definitely more excited than Rick. He's calling it "Disneyhell" and is packing extra Valium in preparation for the crowds. But he's a trooper, a great dad, and is going to Disneyhell to help me and to see the look on his darling daughter's face when she sees Cinderella again.

Because that is a moment no one should miss.

Queen Teen, however, isn't so thrilled that Rick is coming. She's afraid he's going to embarrass her in front of Cinderella. What if he moons Mickey, or farts in front of Princess Aurora? She's convinced he's going to do something silly and then she'll never be able to show her face in Disneyland again.

It's traumatic when you're almost 16 and your dad takes it as a personal challenge to embarrass you.

Rick has promised to be on his best behavior, so Queen Teen has agreed that he can hang out with us, although she may make him walk five steps behind, just in case he farts or something. I told her I would personally smack him in the head if he does something rude. Rick just grinned.

I think I'll ditch them both and go ride Pirates of the Caribbean a few hundred times.

She's also not too happy about having to share me. I think she's feeling neglected because I've been so slammed with school this last year and haven't been able to spend as much time with her. That's changed now, but she still gets jealous when I spend time with Rick or friends. That girl isn't happy unless I'm glued to her side watching Sponge Bob all day. Once we get there, it will be better. I think she's going to enjoy a real family vacation for a change. I know I am. We haven't all been on a trip together since she was about 10 years old.

Cheers everyone! I'll be in Disneyland for the next few days, eating Gluten Free pizza and listening to my daughter sing while I push her traveling throne through Fantasy Land. And kicking Rick now and then. ;-)


leah said...

Disneyland - have fun!!! I love going to Disneyland, even with the crowds. Oddly, we're closer to Disney World now than Disneyland, but family is all out in Oxnard, so we go to Disneyland when we visit.

Have fun on Pirates, and I hope Rick doesn't do anything embarrassing for the Queen Teen (LOL)!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope you and Queen Teen have fun. I hope Rick survives. I'd have to drink A LOT. I don't like small children.

Rick said...

I did OK. A few people were knuckleheads and were being rude to a kid in a wheelchair. that makes me turn into the Hulk, but I found wine in California adventure land. I was also distracted by being the honorary photographer. it kept me busy.