Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Day

I graduated from San Francisco State University last Saturday. I needed to put a great big metaphoric exclamation point on the end of my university experience, so I walked with 2000 other graduates dressed head to toe in purple. I sat in the blazing sun listening to speech after boring speech on a jumbo-tron because the actual speaker was too far away from me to see. The stupid cap kept sliding off the back of my head and the "hood" all masters candidates wear continued to choke me, despite my heavy ring of keys I'd attached under my robes to hold it off my neck. The only one in my O and M class who decided to walk, I felt a little lonely surrounded by large groups of celebrating students from other departments. But at last I got to walk to the podium, get my bright purple envelope (they send the actual diploma in the Fall) and shake the hand of a University chancellor. For those sixty seconds, I was buoyant; I could have flown above the heads of every single person crammed into the stadium on the wings of my bright purple robes. (read more on my other blog, Medusa's Muse)

Me in front of the Visual Impairments Classroom, after the ceremony.  Nobody looks good in that hat!


David said...

I wrote a CONGRATULATIONS message to you here last week but now it is gone! Wish the Internet was more modern and efficient (like moi). Anyway, here I am again to say exactly the same thing. Will you be Laura's successor??? Can we work together?

David said...

Ooops! I just discovered I posted last time on Medusa not on Queen! The ravages of age!

Terena said...

I saw your mssg on Medusa. Thank you. :-)

I may be Laura's successor. We'll see how it goes. I have an interview this afternoon for a part time O and M job at MCOE. They really want a TVI, but I'm not ready for another round of school right now. So well see how it all works out.