Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello, Brain. Are you there?

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Are you there Brain? It's me, Terena.


Thanks so much for being there when I needed you during my Cert test. You really came through for me.


But I kind of need you again.


Brain? Are you there?

Mmmmmm waaaaaaatchinnnnnnnng tv

I mean, I know the Cert test is over, but I have one more exam I need to take to graduate. My master's exam. You remember that? It's the one I have to take to get my Master's degree and graduate.

Mmmm yeah I remmemmmberrrrr

Well, I should really study a little for it. I know it's not as intense as the Certification exam, but I need to go over street crossing and intersection analysis, and I'm a little weak on some of the eye conditions.

Mmmmmm oooookaaaaay......

And there's a lot to do around here. The house is a mess, especially the pantry. There must be two years of crap shoved in there. I could use some of your organizational skills right now.

Mmmmm yeah suuuure whateverrrrrrrrr

Plus, Queen Teen's transition IEP is coming fast and I need to schedule meetings with the Regional Center and follow up on Audiology and Endochrinology and I really need to concentrate on ASL now. I'm about a year behind where I should be on Sign Language.

Mmmmmm, iiiiis thaaaat johnnnny depp onnn tv?

And oh my god, I still haven't done the taxes for Medusa's Muse and I know I'm late getting Laura her 1099 misc form. I have to tally up all the sales for 2010, which shouldn't take too much effort actually because there weren't that many direct sales and Lightning Source has already tallied the sales for the year, so that shouldn't be too complicated...


.... but it's not something I can do without you, so if you could just wake up a little bit and help me get organized that would be really great.

Mmmmmm, johnnnnnny prrrrrrreteeeeey





Will you please snap out of it? We have more work to do.


For god's sake stop staring at that TV and help me!

Mmmmm no

What do you mean no? You can't say no! You have to do what I say!

Mmmmnoooo I doonnnnnn't.

But I can't do any of this without you!

Mmmmmmm yeaaaah

What am I supposed to do? Let the work keep piling up while you stare at Johnny Depp all day?


But there's no time for that!!!!!!

Mmmmmyeah   therrrrre issssssss

Fine! I'll just sit on this couch and watch TV until you're ready!


Because lord knows there's nothing else that needs doing but staring at a television watching some gorgeous hunk dressed like a pirate play with his sword.


Although... it is Johnny Depp and he is my favorite actor and well... it's only for a little while because I've been working so insanely hard and haven't had much of a break since Burning Man...


.... and I suppose things can wait for just one more day while I take some much needed R and R.


It's not like the world will end or anything...


Oh I love this part!  "The only rules that matter are these: what a man can do, and what a man can't do."


Kind of true when you think about....







Tomorrow we are getting the Medusa taxes together and studying for that test.

Mmmmmmmh weeeee'll seeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm totally unmotivated to do anything that takes brain too. But that's the usual case.

Love you! Good luck on the exam. You'll do great.