Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Passed!!!!!!

The test was easier than advertised, but there were a few questions that completely stumped me. I had absolutely no idea what they were asking. But regardless of those few questions, I passed the test.

Whoooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one more test to take in March for my Master's Degree and then I get to graduate (assuming I pass, of course).

The day before my Cert test I dropped off my graduation application at the Grad department at SFSU and then wandered over to the Graduation Fair where vendors were selling class rings, fancy diploma frames, announcements, and other shwag (does anyone really need a set of SFSU wine glasses with their graduation year on them?). There was also a photographer taking photos of people in cap and gown. Wearing no make up and my hair looking like crap, I said, "What the hell," and got my picture taken. Dark circles under my eyes, hair in desperate need of a cut, and skin pale from stress and poor eating are perfect for a picture of a grad student, right? And thinking positively by putting on a purple cap and gown in preparation for graduation is a good thing.

The pictures turned out as bad as I feared, so I won't be sharing them with friends and family, but I downloaded a thumbnail of one from the photographer's website for good luck. The one thing I love about this snap shot is my smile: big, bright, excited, and hopeful.

I'm almost there.

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